"You have helped to relieve the stress and worry about getting them to eat healthier."
I would like to thank you and the entire Ollie’s staff that have helped put together such a wonderful program.
This program has helped our family in many ways. We have five children and it’s been a struggle to be able to purchase and provide healthy meals for out family every night. Since being involved with the Ollie’s meals program,  now my children are eating more fruits and vegetables, and they enjoy the fact they could choose what they eat for dinner.
Prior to this we had few healthy eaters and more eating battles. This program has helped my two oldest children with weight issues, due to medications, eat healthier with portion control, but most importantly they feel better. You have helped to relieve the stress and worry about getting them to eat healthier.  
I truly believe a program such as this could benefit many working families who are struggling financially with the everyday strains of raising a family. The people who benefit are the people who find it hard to prepare and feed their families with healthier meals.
As parents, we worry constantly about our children, and we are always looking for ways to do better. Most of us though, learn to do better by being taught how. This program educates families about healthier eating. Our children are learning first hand about helping others in need and about caring for good causes. They learn to stand up and do something about a problem, just like the Ollie’s meal program.
Again, I say thanks to everyone involved in giving our family the opportunity to better the well-being of our children, and for caring so very much about us!